Familiarity with Roman facade

Roman facade is one of the most popular design styles for building, which is now very popular in our beloved country. The Roman view is based on the entire covering or a large part of facade of the building with travertine stone. What is your first impression of a building? Surely the view of [...]

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Usage of natural stone in building

This is a perennial question of architects and designers why should we use natural stone in our building? As we know, use or non-use of natural stone is one of the hot topics of the day that has controversial discussions. If you are looking for good reasoning for choosing natural stone, look at the [...]

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What should we know about marble

Marble is a kind of limestone. The stubbornness of these stones is very high and they are as elastic as possible. These stones have different minerals and colors, and their main features include beautiful colors and fine gloss. Marble stones have been used for decades. These types of stone are especially applicable in decoration, [...]

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Familiarity with history of stones

Undoubtedly, stone is one of the earliest building materials that man has been using to build tools and shelters and to meet his needs. Stone is a solid material of the earth's crust that consists of one or more minerals that are linked together. In the geology, natural and solid rock comes from minerals. In [...]

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Presence of Sangesefid in general assembly of mass builders in Isfahan province

Sangesefid Co. as the most professional company in field of producing, processing and supplying stone participated at General Assembly of mass housing makers in Isfahan province witch was on December 27th. General Assembly o Housing Association in Isfahan Province was held with presence of the Minister and mayor of Isfahan Metropolitan and a number of [...]

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Reflects of Sangesefid presence at 20th International Building Industry Exhibition

20th International Exhibition of Building Industry was held on october 19th-22th, 2017 at International Exhibition Center of Isfahan , with presence of Sangesefid Company as on of the most professional providers of products and solutions in the field of stone. According to ISNA and quoted from media department of the International Exhibition Center [...]

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Successful and effective presence of sangesefid at 10th Iran International Stone Exhibition

10th international exhibition of Iranian stones in mahalat, as one of the largest commercial events in field of producting and supplying stone products and services, was held on October 25, 2012 , with presence of Sangesefid Company as the most professional supplier of stone products. In 350 exhibition stands, the latest achievements in the field [...]

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Presence of Sangesefid at 20th Comprehensive Building Industry Exhibition

Sangesefid Co. presented at the 20th General Construction Exhibition with 140 partners from Isfahan, Tehran, Alborz, Central, Fars, Semnan, Khorasan Razavi, Yazd, Golestan and Hormozgan provinces, as well as representatives from China, Italy and Germany.This exhibition in 9,000 square meters of exhibition space includes four halls and open spaces, accepts the latest products and [...]

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